Monday, August 31, 2009

success has no boundaries

nothing to say just a little bit bout success,to be success thera no boundaries ucan go higher or u can go deeper as u like to be success,i just wanna share something with u guyz hope u all like it.
i'm not to pro to g motivation i post this all for me.....

Lets cut to the chase. It’s a LIE that success has boundaries, Success knows no boundaries and it is no respecter of persons.

Success has nothing to do with where you were born and who your father was or is. Success can be attained by anyone who is willing to accept it in their life. There is no mountain, nor witch or a devil that can stand in your way to succeed. Do you want to succeed?

Yes you want to, but you find it hard to believe you can. That’s what we call resistence, when there is a battle of opposing thoughts in your mind. Your subconscious mind is not used to it. It is an uncomfortable thought in your heart but you have to make it a comfortable one. Once you become used to the idea of success; where you see yourself living the life you desire, you’ll eventually manifest those dreams into your reality.

Hundreds upon hundreds of the richest people in our world, came from humble backgrounds. They didn’t have much and most of them were poor, but the difference is found in the way they chose to THINK. They DARED to believe they can succeed and it worked out well for them.

Desire to Succeed from Today and Believe wholeheartedly that you can. It is a process. You need self discipline, keep on going even if you fail. When you fail, learn something from the fall and move on. Those who are successful failed too before they succeeded. (At least the majority of them). The difference between them and the rest of the world is their DESIRE, DETERMINATION AND SELF BELIEF. I know for sure, if you follow success rules like the three mentioned above, you will SUCCEED.

p/s:to be success to just need to belive ur self n alwayz thinking that u can do anything if u really
wanna do that!!! trust me u can do it!!

i'm the best student among the best!! yes i can do it!!!

to my sister gud lux in ur PMR exam..9A's is in ur hand



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