Friday, June 4, 2010

don't just sit there,make something happen

Many people find themselves frustrated at the end of each day, week, month, year and decade. They gather stock and discover; they haven’t done anything. They’ve been busy doing something; but there is no real result to show for it. The question in their mind will be; where did the time go? I can surely answer that, the time has gone to the land of ‘no return’.

Time will never wait for no one. Time doesn’t care who you are. Everyone has to respect the time and make sure they use it wisely. All mankind, rich or poor, successful or unsuccessful, wise or foolish; share the exact amount of time!

Everyone can be busy, but been busy alone don’t mean you are being productive! Don’t get caught up in the world of planning for a long time, calculating, hesitating, fearing and never taking ACTION. Everything depends upon EXECUTION; having just a vision is no solution.

You are responsible for your life and no one else. Again I say, use your time wisely. Be careful of so many distractions that can stand in your way to achieve real results. Never allow anything to stand in your way to achieve something great in your life, not even fear or temporary pleasures!

go finish ur study , do well in exam and make mumtaz n may succses happen

p/s:tolong suh diri anda skali ye jgn pndi ceramah kt org je

fatimah azzahara sila habeskn stdy anda jgk ye..believe urself n iAllah u can do well in examm


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