Sunday, December 6, 2009

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8 Steps To Success

“Without the vision of a goal, a man cannot manage his own life, much less the lives of others.” – Genghis Khan

You need to know what you really want to achieve in your life. Clear goals will keep you focused on what you really want to achieve. Warren Buffett – the 2nd richest man in the world and the most successful investor – said his companies ability to generate such large profits is the result of being able to set clear goals by focusing on what is really important, and not paying attention to things that would distract his company.

  • Positive Thinking

Think positively all the times. Undo negative conditioning, work on building positive beliefs and use your imagination to help you create the life you truly desire. Even if negativity grabs your attention, refocus on the positive. Do not let self-limitations hold you down. It’s not easy but your magnificent mind is so powerful that it can help you (with little training) focus on your desires and not your fears.

  • Stay Fit

Eat Well… the Best Diet you can afford will help. Without proper nutrition, it is difficult to get your positive energies moving in the right direction. Exercise regularly to stay fit. Regular exercises clears your mind, grounds out negativity, and improves your health. Drink quite often, eat fruits, this helps you to stay fit and up to the task at hand. You can only enjoy your work if you are in good health.

  • Upgrade Your Value

To remain efficient in your endeavors, you need to upgrade your value. Your value is your worth. You can only build more value by acquiring more knowledge, qualities and new skills. Get a mentor if you don’t have one and keep learning daily. Get hold of any learning materials to acquire more knowledge.This helps you to become more creative and efficient at all times. Never stop learning.

  • Evaluate The Status Quo

Take a stock of your current situation. Is there anything that is holding you back to reach your goal? It could be anything from friends, family, TV, sports, Internet, lack of qualification, etc You can arrange special times with family and friends to spend time with them. You can limit the times you watch TV. You might need to enrol at a college/university or online to obtain whatever qualification you need to reach your dream. List down everything that is holding you back and take the necessary action to make sure it doesn’t stand between you and your dream.

  • Take Action

If you think about it and believe it you must also act on it! There is no point in thinking and wishing something and you don’t take action. Without action, your intentions will not manifest to reality. Take the right action, and lots of it. Don’t be lazy, get to work!

  • Persist

Sometimes it can be hard to keep going towards attaining your goal. You will need persistence on the road to success. Do not allow anything/anyone to stand in your way. If you make a mistake, rise up, seek a solution and keep going. If the going gets tough, keep going. You will get there. If Abraham Lincoln was alive. He would have told you about the power of persistence. He failed in so many ways, lost his loved ones, was humiliated in elections, but he never gave up. He persevered until he became the President of The United States – A great one by the way. In fact he told someone that, “Your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other one thing!” Put on the garment of persistence and keep going!

p/s:hope how read this may use this step too success!!! i'll try to do my best 4 this year mumtaz insya'Allah ameen.....


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